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Facilitating people to bring their goals, vision, values and actions in to alignment so as to aid in succesful implementation.

Brett Golding

Accredited Results Coach

Brett Golding is an accredited Results Coach and is also internationally accredited by Mentors and Business Coaches International as a Mentor and Business Coach.

At New Panoramas, we coach and mentor clients to open new panoramas of possibilities for them.

We work with clients to clarify their goals, desired results and vision, then to facilitate alignment with their values and actions.  This is necessary for successful implementation.

Brett Golding is the Director of New Panoramas Pty Ltd. He is passionate about helping people and businesses reach their potential. He has a wealth of experience himself, however as a coach he facilitates clients to make their own decisions.

Brett discovered how powerful effective coaching is when he was coached by Mentors and Business Coaches International. This led to Brett being trained and accredited as a Mentor and Coach by Mentors and Business Coaches International. Since then he has facilitated leadership workshops, mentored people and facilitated clients to discover their purpose and how to achieve that.

As part of his continuous improvement, Brett decided to further expand upon his skills as a Coach and Mentor with further training culminating in accreditation as a Results Coach (which is recognised by the International Coaching Federation).

Brett is also a Chartered Accountant.  He is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. He has worked with many different types of clients, including tradies, professionals, businesses, not for profits, executives and retirees.  He has developed and kept strong relationships.

People need to have a realistic understanding of where they are at now, a clear vision for their future and then a clear plan as to how to achieve that.  There may be “roadblocks” along the way and these need to be recognised and appropriate strategies implemented.

Our Services

Results Coaching

For individuals, executives and business owners. Help to bring your desired results, values and actions in to alignment and identify any roadblocks to achieving your goals.

Team Coaching

Facilitating your team to give input on the key issues facing your organisation and gaining their involvement in working towards improvement. Helping the team to understand and value each other.

Executive Coaching

For the executive who needs someone to listen and who will do so in confidence without judgement. Deal with limiting beliefs, conflicting values and trapped emotions.

Business Coaching

What are the questions you should be asking your advisors? Are your team giving their best? What are the key indicators? What are your goals now, six months, 1 year, 5 years?


For individuals, executives and business owners. Identify where you are now, your vision for the future and how to make that transition.


The facilitation of functional relationships

Leadership Training

Understand the four leadership styles and develop a facilitative leadership style.


Facilitation of strategic planning workshops involving all the team

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Stefan Horvath

Several years ago, Brett Golding of Mentors and Business Coaches International, mentored me to find my life’s purpose for both my business and personal life. It was a profound time of personal discovery, where Brett mentoring helped me to uncover my passions, interests and gifting and then channel them into personal objectives that would achieve my life goals. The program culminated in Brett helping me to identify my life purpose statement, which has become the foundation for me to understand my Calling and Purpose.

I found Brett’s mentoring approach in discovering my life’s purpose was professional, caring and supportive.

Tony Anderson

Brett came highly recommended to me as a person with a genuine sincere interest in helping people …. he further pointed out to me that he is an honest, sincere, authentic and friendly man to deal with in all respects.

I can absolutely attest to these kind words and, in particular during our coaching and mentoring sessions together, over these past 6 months or so. He certainly has had my best interests uppermost at all times and, as a result I have achieved well above my initial expectations. My overall level of competence and self-confidence within my ongoing future planning efforts is now on a clear and firm foundation that I can comfortably build upon.

Michael Schultz

I can say without hesitation that Brett’s mentoring skills and style will, as he works with you, transform your paradigms and your thinking, and will provide a level of personal growth which will impact you and your workplace.

Tony Scammell

Brett was able to listen well and help me identify issues, clarify options and express my real interests and desires.  We went through some structured processes as well, and these helped draw a picture for the future backed with some realisable actions, both short and long term, which have proven useful. 

By committing to seeing this process through with Brett we were able to cover a lot of ground, and Brett was patient and adaptable as issues arose and were able to be explored.  I was encouraged by Brett who was able to hear and understand and push me to go to another level in knowing what I really care about, why, and how to see good results in these areas. We dealt with self, family, community and professional life.  It was obvious he cared for me and worked hard for a worthwhile result from each session and the whole process.

I can recommend spending time with Brett for those wanting to think ahead, build good relationships and prosper. 

Chris Maddock

I would recommend Brett for anyone looking for mentor and business coach, he is well trained, experienced, a good thinker & strategist.

Dianne Bennett

Brett has a great understanding of how to facilitate a mentoring client to experience the change that they are seeking. Brett is understanding, focussed and empathic, but always with his eye on the big picture.

Internationally accredited by Mentors and Business Coaches International as a Mentor and Business Coach

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